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Travel Information


Kenya has two main points of Entry by air. Jomo Kenyatta International airport, Nairobi and Moi International airport, Mombasa.

We offer our clients free Transfers from and to the airports, Safari briefing and Flight reconfirmation. We also do Hotel, Lodge and Camp bookings at VERY competitive rates.

East Africa has a warm weather throughout the year but on high plateaus, mountain slopes or during rain seasons, it can be very cold thus we recommend you bring with you some warm clothing. Dress should be informal, comfortable and practical. We suggest cotton clothing in neutral colours especially on safari when animals are conscious of bright colours A hat is also essential for protection against the sun.

Where possible, travel light.

Major Credit cards and currencies are accepted in East Africa. Kenyan currency is based on the decimal system. The Unit of currency is the shilling divided into 100 cents. it is illegal to enter on leave Kenya with any Kenyan currency and visitors must exchange any Kenyan currency at the banks. 

While in East Africa, drink local bottled mineral water for peace of mind.

Electricity supply in East Africa is 230/240 50 Htz and plugs are three-pin square or round, so it’s a good idea to bring an adaptor.

Please consult the appropriate Embassy or High Commission on Entry Visas. The immigration citizens of all common wealth countries, including the republic of  Ireland, do not require Visa to come to Kenya. Other countries that do not require Visas are those who have concluded abolition agreement with Kenya such as Denmark, Finland, Spain, Turkey, Uruguay, Norway, Eritrea, and Ethiopia. Others who do not require Visas are citizens from UK, France, Luxembourg, Germany, Italy, Australia , Japan, USA and Canada.

It’s essential to take Malaria/Palladium prophylactics before traveling to East Africa. Before you travel, please consult your Doctor. 

Before you travel, please take appropriate holiday insurance.

Bring with you the best Cameras/Video Cameras and enough films. There are so many interesting things to photograph in East Africa.


During your safari, accommodation will be either in a lodge, with facilities like Lounge Bar, Dinning Rooms and Swimming pools or Luxury Tented Camps with all essential facilities.

Traditionally, safaris start with early morning Tea/Coffee before before going out for game viewing, followed by a choice of full or continental breakfast. Lunch and dinner is usually Buffet style.

Security is very O.K. in East Africa but this region is no different from other countries in the world. Just follow commonsense rules. Remember, excessive display of jewellery and cash can attract undesirable elements. Keep all your valuables in hotel/lodge safes or leave them with hotel/lodge/camp manager for safekeeping. We recommend that you do not walk around unfamiliar streets/areas at anytime.


Telecommunication infrastructure is well developed in East Africa especially in Kenya. However, please ask about the charges before using the services because in some establishments, the charges could be as much as 50% more on normal rates.


16. Credit Cards

American Express, Visa and other well known cards are widely accepted throughout Kenya.


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