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About Us

Kenpal Tours & Travel is a Tour Company Registered and incorporated in Kenya under the Ministry of Tourism and the laws of Kenya. Kenpal Tours & Travel  is a company with experience, having been in this Tour business for over 15 Years. Led by Kennedy Okeyo, a Tourism Management Professional an experienced tour operator having worked for major travel agencies around Africa, Kenpal Tours & Travel  is one of the Leading Destination Management companies in East and Central Africa.

Our stuff are well trained in all aspects as required by the Ministry of Tourism, with discipline being the principle aspect of their training. Fire fighting, First aid and Motor vehicle mechanics are just but a few examples of the training. The stuff members are well conversant with the African jungle and will name tree after tree, bird after bird and any other kind of flora and fauna to be found in the African jungle. Owing to the various cultures and people of the world whom we deal with, our company has taken a big step forward to train our tour guides and drivers different languages of the world.

Currently, our drivers are well conversant with the major languages which include: English, German, French and Italian. Kenpal Tours & Travel  boosts a fleet of Twelve 4x4 Vehicles, specially made to ensure comfort and best view of wild game. which ensures a smooth and comfortable safari experience around the rough and jugged African Jungle. All the vehicles are mounted with two-way high frequency  communication radios to ensure the safety of our clients. All the aircrafts and vehicles we use are insured according to the I.A.T.A (International standards). Our clients therefore have medical cover both on the ground and in air. A flying doctor service is available 24 Hrs a day for those who are on Safari within the East Africa Region. Come and travel with us as we offer the perfect holiday experience or even  more!
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